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Mandolin Orchestra 1931

My Father was born Francesco Faruolo in New York City. He is pictured fifth from the right (center row) in the picture above taken in 1931. The Faruolo cognome can be traced back to some 90 families throughout Potenza and Salerno provinces of Italy. His parents arrived at Ellis Island from Italy in the first quarter of the 20th. Century. Their names can be found engraved on the wall of Honor near the Statue of Liberty. My father worked in the shop of Signor Giuseppe Nettuno a guitar and mandolin Maker in New York City. The mandolin pictured below was made in the shop of Nettuno in 1932, and was played by Francesco Faruolo for a couple of years in the Harlem House Community Youth Orchestra directed by Professor Vincenzo Palladino (in the photo above) who presented concerts and radio programs on WNYC Radio. Francesco (Frank) Faruolo has been a member of the Italian Businessmen's Club and, in 1999, became founding member of the Vancouver (Washington) Lodge of the Order of Son's of Italy, holding office of Orator.

1932 Nettuno Mandolin 1932 Nettuno Mandolin 1932 Nettuno Mandolin


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